Sibling Rivalry, South End, Boston

It has been sometime since we returned to Sibling Rivalry (BMH’s review of Sibling Rivalry). After a heavy monsoon like rain, met MVC since she has never been.

We started with the Cherry Champagne Cocktail house-made cherry bitters, raw sugar cube, champagne for $10. Love champagne cocktails and the flavor of the cherry. Not overly sweet and fun to drink.

One of the best aspects of the restaurant is the variety of its breads from corn bread to sesame baguettes to nut breads. All of them go well with the soft butter and is so easy to request a second basket, in fact we did.

The Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels in a Spicy Thai Chili-Ginger-Coconut Milk Curry with Cilantro and Lime for $10 were so fresh and tasty. The thai flavors were just so concentrated and really delicious, reminding me of the Thai Cooking class we took in Chiang Mai (BMH review of Smart Cook, Thai Cookery School, Chiang Mai).

We have enjoyed the Crispy Pressed Half Duck before and Sibling Rivalry knows how to make pressed duck, tender meat and perfectly crispy skin. The root veg and brussel sprouts over the Parsnip Puree went well with the jus.

Sibling Rivalry on Urbanspoon

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