All Seasons Table, Malden Revisited

Back to All Seasons Table. (BMH’s reviews of All Seasons Table– 2 – 3). We finally got the opportunity to sit in the second dining room (which is only open Thursday through the weekend). Clearly, AST’s business is doing swimmingly if they can open up their doors to the second extension of their restaurant. The second dining room is a mirror image of the main room (without the jazz music).

The Scorpion bowl for two delivered ($22). It was nicely mixed and sweet.

The Jamaican 10 Speed had a nice flavor and a blend of coconut rum, melon liqueur, banana liquer  and pineapple juice.

One of our dearest dining companions (and darling Buddha baby) was having fun with his moose Mortimer.  

Per usual, we ordered a Roti Canai. The sepicy curry chicken singapore style was unusually luke warm (usually warmer) and served with fresh malaysian bread.

The Lady and Red Maki (another favorite) was ordered along with a sweet potato roll. The  soft shell crab tempura maki topped with tuna and tobiko drizzled with balsamic syrup is really good. Our mother loves this roll and has complete loyalty to it when she visits AST.

Two other favorites are the spicy yellowtail and shitake mushroom rolls. They are well done and have a nice texture.

We enjoyed a bowl of Malysian style Chow Foon with  beef stir-fried with wide noodle, chinese broccoli with an egg white sauce. Yum.

The Black Pepper Beef had a nice pepper flavored gravy, sauteed with green peppers and onion. The pepper beef was nice and tender and well cooked.All Seasons Table is a real favorite. We are always happy and never disappointed. Looking forward to our next visit.

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