Le Coude a Coude, Rue Saint-Honore, Les Halles, Paris

After reading The New York Times article Save or Splurge Paris, we sought out Le Coude a Coude on Rue Saint-Honore at Les Halles. This Paris brasserie means “elbow to elbow.” The ceiling walls were lined with chalk slates and the tables covered with red and white checkerboard table cloths.

We decided to go for the prix fixe lunch specials for 12 euros which include une salade and un entree plat. We split a salade normande museau vinaigrette, the Escalope normande avec tagliatelle and le poisson avec riz.

The bread from a next door bakery was perfectly crusty and tender on the inside. We could have eaten the entire basket.


The tagliatelle with cream sauce and mushrooms and chicken cutlet was nicely al dente. The chicken was tender, it was just that the potion was quite generous and creamy sauce was quite rich.

The white fish was nicely tender and we pushed up some of the lemony cream sauce off the fish and onto the rice. After desaucing, we enjoyed the plain fish with a squeeze of lemon and a bit of rice. Again, the plate was a generous portion and we only could finish half.

The meals were great value for money, but we should have ordered the plate of Auvergnat charcuterie for 14 euros, and a glass of Côte du Rhône for 3 euros. Perhaps, next time.

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