Le Cafe Marly, Palais du Louvre, Paris

On of our former bosses is a well seasoned world traveler and when we mentioned we were heading to Paris for a few days, he suggested only one place to go, Cafe Marly. 

We were curious why he suggested it, and completely understand the lush atmosphere, terrace area overseeing I.M. Pei’s pyramid and a nice oasis from crowds surrounding the Louvre.

The menu has pastries, coffee and teas, as well as entrees. We have enjoyed Marly’s dainty croque madame with a fried egg on top. This time around we were tempted by the generous sized portion of tuna tartare, perhaps next time.

The cappuchino came out cold, we asked to replace it, but our sweet tuxedo waiter seemed so occupied and attending to so many tables, that by the time he returned to do so, we just asked him to take it off the tab.

The lait vanille was nicely teamed and laden with natural vanilla flavor. On a cold and rainy day in Paris, this cozied us up.
We shared a burrata with creamy cheese on the inside, enveloped by mozzarella. The multicolored and marinated tomatoes and fresh basil paired well with the textured cheese.

After some sustenance, warm drink and the sanctuary of Le Cafe Marly, we were ready to hit the tourists and museum goers once again.

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