Mi Va Mi, Le Marais, Rue de Rosiers, Paris

Although we are ardent fans of L’as Du Fallafel for falafel and schwarma plates with hummus and aubergines, we were willing to try something new and visit Mi Va Mi (featured in the New York Times article 36 Hours in Paris), across from the L’as Du Fallafel store.
Upon entrance there is a circular counter, cash register and order area. There is a buzz in this particular area of the restaurant where the staff is bustling through the radius.
Mi Va Mi’s decor is colorful and adorable with booths and small tables. There is a back dining area and second floor.

We shared a falafel plate with a mix of aubergines, red peppers, diced tomatoes and cilantro, as well as stewed aubergines and peppers. In the center were crisp and tasty falafels. Not oily, nicely crusted and tasty on the inside.

Halfway through our plate, we just had to order a side of falafel. Only falafel. The additional chickpea fritters we a must and we left satiated.

The frites and overly stuffed falafel sandwiches looked quite tantalizing while sitting on the counter and awaiting their arrival to their respective tables.

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