MiCayito, Paris

Cuba has been on our travel list for sometime. Still on the List. As we were waiting for friends to arrive, we were ordering waves of mojitos with white rum, sugar, soda and fresh mint at Micayito. The ambiance in MiCayito is super cool and sexy and is known for their French Cuban cuisine and brunches. The low lighting and red lanterns in MiCayito offer an additional layer of whimsy. There wasn’t crazy tunes on but you got to love Buena Vista Social Club.

Our table was available and as we snacked on complimentary olives served with toothpicks, we ordered some bottles of wine.

We started with a Bourgogne Domaine J. Moreau, Chablis which was light and refreshing.

Then we tasted and enjoyed a Saint Nicholas de Bourgueil which went well with the beef and duck dishes.

The bacalo cod fritters were nicely crusted and really tasty. They were surrounded with a sauce of shrimps or crevettes 9 euros.

The mix of langostine, shrimp, mussels  and vegetables with a cream sauce was 26 euros and very flavorful. The seafood was prepared perfectly and made us want more.

The duck confit with cheesy potatoes in a cylindrical shape and a small bit of sweet plaintains was a great combination of French and Cuban flavors 18 euros.

The duck smothered in a mole type sauce and a side of sweet plantains was also very tasty and a nice balance of salty and sweet.

At the end of our meal DJ Steve arrived and we had some aperitifs and shots of apple liquor to start the remainder of our evening including some bieres peche and other Belgian beers.

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