Sushi Shop, Vincennes

We were in the mood to chill it up and so we ordered in from Sushi Shop in Vincennes. The black menu and order book is quite extensive and displays sophisticated combinations and well presented sushi. Recently, Sushi Shop opened in New York City and joined the ninety other Sushi Shop franchiese in Europe. Recently, it was was written up in the New York Times.

We ordered a Funky Rolls including  6 pieces of Pink Veggie California rolls, 6

pieces of Salmon Ikura Rainbow roll (with cream cheese, cucumber, avocado wrapped in smoked salmon and salmon roe), 6 pieces of Surimi Avocado California rolls and

6 pieces of Gravlax spring roll with salmon, Scandinavian dill sauce for 20,00 €. Our favorites were the smoked salmon and dill roll. The flavors were very familiar and fun to eat in sushi form.

Each of the sushi pieces were fresh and the density of the sushi rice was much more compact and thick compared to sushi in the States. Additionally, we loved the idea of bits of fried onion on the exterior of some rolls, a first for us and thin slivers of red and green bell peppers in the center of the veggie rolls.

We were curious how the French do sushi and Sushi Hop offers the French way of sushi or California rolls called French Touch. The sushi rice was coated in bits of the fried onion and in was a bit sweet. The center of foie gras had douceur de figues. We really had to wrap our mind around this sushi. We are glad we tried it, but not something we would order on a normal basis. The foie was wrapped in thin rice paper before surrounded by sushi. The creaminess and light salty flavor of the foie balanced the sweetness.

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