Le Pain Quotidien, Brussels

We enjoy LPQ in New York City (BMH’s review of Le Pain Quotidien, East Village, New York), however we wanted to try out a store where it first originated. The morning we stopped by, there was a line for the takeaway counter and a 15 minute wait for a proper seat.

The description of LPQ in 36 Hours in Brussels in the New York Times is dead on. “You can find this bakery chain in Manhattan or Paris, but the original Le Pain Quotidien is in Brussels and remains one of the better brunch spots in a town that’s not great at doing brunch with large pine tables crammed with jams, chocolates and bread. The wait can be irksome, but the farmers’ bread is hot from the oven, coffee is served in large bowls and the cheese tartines are always fresh. Plus, on those rare Brussels days when the sun is out, the retractable roof lets in a slice of heaven. Breakfast for two, about 40 euros.”

The breads, boules, cookies and baked goods all looked fresh and lovely.

The patisserie including eclairs and tarts looked welcoming in the front window display.

We didn’t have the patience to wait, so picked up a takeaway tea and an obligatory tartine. It was difficult to decided between the buffalo mozzarela, smoked salmon or white cheese, radish and fresh herb tartines.

The Fromage de chevre frais bio had goat cheese, basil oil and organic sun-dried tomatoes.  The combination was perfect and the oil melded everything together.

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