Arcadi Cafe, Rue d’Arenberg, Brussels

We were meeting a small group at Arcadi Cafe for their famed quiche and tarts. There are over 30 sweet and savory tarts. The slices of tarts or quiches were generous in portion, enough for a meal and cost €7-7.50.

The restaurant has a lovely outdoor terrace as well as a large indoor seating. Upon entrance there are glass displays full of the fruit tarts and cakes.

The restaurant has so much to look at from ingredients, preserves and pickled items in glass jars.

The cubby holes of paperwork and menus looked so much fun. We love the idea of cubbies from circa kindergarten.

Some of the walls were covered in colorful paper bills.

The lasagna, eggplant and other homey comfort foods are sold at Arcadi, in addition to their tarts and quiches.

A whole quiche was nicely browned and very thick in height. A staff person reheated the quiche in a microwave, dressed salads and placed them delicately on serving plates.

The crust of the quiche was nice and flakey and the perfect thickness. The quiche lorraine had chunks of ham, and surprisingly broccoli bits. Very traditional and so good. The side salad went well cutting the buttery flavor of the crust.

The roquefort was overly heavy and too pungent, this was edible, but can be skipped.

Our service was indifferent, we paid and then left the restaurant to chat near the terrace. A few minutes later, a server questioned if we paid. After clarifying, we left with an appreciation for our well valued meal, but not the service.

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