Gaufres (Waffles) in Brussels

Gaufres or waffles were a must on our visit to Brussels. At many corners from the Grand Palace were stands and little shops with the 1 Euro sign (price for plain waffles only). The waffles are made fresh (unlike some Haagan-Daz ice cream shops like which are from the deep freeze).

The sheer number of toppings are impressive and as one layers the fruit, whipped cream, sauces, the price increases up.

Again, another impressive display of Nutella jars, not the small supermarket sized one, industrial sized Nutella along the stairwell and walls.

The gaufre’s deep pockets were slathered in honey and each square was drenched. As a result, the waffle was just too sweet. Next time, we will make the request to go easy on the honey or not at all.

The one euro gaufre, was in a little holder. The Belgian pearl sugar are much larger granules and really make the waffle taste caramelized and like a real treat.

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