Friterie Tabora, Brussels

Whether it is a Fritkot or Friterie, all the same to me. On the hunt for frites we wandered the cobbled streets in search for a late night fries place. There were police officers wandering the streets and making sure the inhibriated party people were at bay. Friterie Tabora, 2 rue Tabora was our place and is open from 11 am until 6 am every day.

The merrimant and drunken conversation amongst some locals and folks from Germany and Austria was a hoot.  They mentioned they exclusively come to Belgium for some fun and some really good food. They were ordering their frites with andalouse sauce and warned us is quite spicy. Several patrons were ordering hot dogs with piles of french fries on top.

We loved watching the fry process. The piles of untouched french fries were waiting to be grabbed and thrown into the oil. In a few moments, the guys asked what sauce and you were out the door.

There were two sizes of frites, small and large. The small size was quite substantial and had pumps of mayonnaise on top. The little colorful fork was used for part of the snack, but was surrendered as we went down the cone. The fries itself were lightly seasoned by salt and tender on the inside. The dip of mayo brought one to eat more and more until they were demolished.

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