Leonidas, Brussels

Leonidas is a chocolate shop founded in 1913 by Leonidas Kestekides. The 1,400 outlet franchise which is located globally from Vietnam to Mumbai and is also located in 20+ stores in the US including in New York City.

According to its website, Leonidas Kestekides, a confectioner in the US attends the 1910 World Fair in Brussels and is awarded the bronze medal and the gold medal, respectively, for his chocolate confectionery and his patisserie. He met and fell in love with a woman from Brussels and settled in Belgium.

Irresistable (white chocolate with butter cream with strawberry flavour and Cointreau), Lingot (Dark chocolate praliné with butter cream with coffee flavor), Dressee Noisette (Pure ganache with a whole hazelnut) and Josephine (Dark chocolate filled with coffee-caramel cream) were favorites.

The Africa (Dark chocolate, covered with chocolate vermicelli and flavoured with orange) and the Noix Massepain (Pure marzipan topped with half a walnut) were two of our favorites.

Attached to the Leonidas store was a gaufre waffles. The number tubs of Nutella were unparalleled and we were in awe.

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