Pierre Marcolini, Brussels

Pierre Marcolini is a premier Belgium chocolate brand that also has stores in the UK and especially France and Japan. Each nickel sized chocolate is about a euro each from pralines and truffles. The two-floor store itself is luxurious, full of gorgeous orchids, whimsical art, glam lighting and glass displays.

Pierre Marcolini also offers biscuits, orangettes, ice cream cones, macarons and even whiskey and run filled chocolates.

We were impressed by the various locations the chocolate came from all over the world. There was chocolate from Venezuela (the Sur del Lago region), Brésil (from the Bahia region, Équateur (the Los Rios region), Madagascar (from the Sambirano region), Caraïbe (ganache flavoured with vanilla pods from Madagascar/Tahiti) and Cabosse (from the Trinidad region).

The second floor had a lovely display of the various products and assortments. Some of the chocolates were knew we would purchase included Café Cardamome ,Thé Earl Grey, Palet Or (bittersweet ganache combined with a caramel coulis), Safran, Thym & Orange ganache, Cassis (Blackcurrent cream combine with a fresh blackcurrent jelly) and Torsade (milk chocolate gianduja with a sprinkling of caramelised hazelnuts).

We made a personalized assortment in a delicate black box (which one can do online). The assortments can go up to multilayers and start at 20 euros for one layer and 80 euros for four. We went with 34 chocolates for 30 euros.

Some of our favorites included the Violette (soft violet ganache with bursts of raspberry, the Cœur Framboise (Fresh raspberry ganache with a lemon zest twist, Praliné Citron (an almond praliné sharpened up with a hint of lemon juice and zest of lemon) and Câlin Fondant (Almond praliné, Quimper flaky wafer and caramel blended with fresh Tahitian vanilla).

In our opinion, one of the best chocolates in the world is the Pavé de Tours Lait. The crunchy hazelnut and almond praliné, and Quimper flaky wafer was unreal.

The Pâtes d’Amandes was another absolute favorite. The pretty almond paste and a slightly salted and caramelised Iranian cream of pistachio was so unique and delicious.

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