Egmond Hotel, Bruges

The Egmond Hotel was a 10-15 minute walk from the City Center, restaurants and sights. Our taxi ride to and from the train station was 9 euros for 10 minutes. Very quick and convenient. We would highly suggest staying here while in Bruges versus the closer hotels. The staff were very friendly, and we were provided a suggested walking tour and map courtesy of the hotel.

The building was a private home for 300 years and turned into a hotel the last 20 years. The sitting room, lobby and main dining room is quaint and has fun decor.

We were on the top floor and the room overlooked the garden. The ceiling had natural light peering through the ceiling windows. The two aspects of the room which would make us hesitant to stay on the top floor again was the older smell and the lack of wireless connection. The main floor had strong connection, but the room itself did not have any. Again, depends on perpective if one wants to be plugged in or not while on holiday.

 The window treatments, candle sticks, porcelain and breakfast spread was quite quaint and comfortable.

The garden area was lovely. We sat outside and enjoyed tea. The roses, the fresh air were really the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Bruges is so tiny and everything is withing walking reach. Instead of being in the most tourist aspects of the city, Edmond is more isolated, romantic and much more pictureque.

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