Memories In Bruges

We took the Thalys train from Paris Gare du Nord to Belgium (1.5 hours and around 80 euros each way) and then the local domestic train to Bruges (1 hour and around 8 euros each way), which was relatively quick. The Flemish landscape, trees and architecture were idyllic and made us feel we were whisked away to another time all together. As a teenager, we loved In Flander’s Field by John McCrae. In fact, there are half day trips to Flander’s Field from Bruges.

Bruges is considered the Venice of the North because of the canal system. There are opportunities to take a boat ride on the  Dijver canal.

The Belfry or Belltower (with the famous scene in the Colin Farrel movie In Bruges, with jokes about American culture).

The Markt or Market square was filled with tourists and passerbys. The buildings and spires were majestic.

Although we vowed to ourselves after more monument and sightseeing, we would return to the bushes of pastel hydrangeas, we didn’t return. Wish we had.

We visited the Madonna and Child and equally enjoyed the live harp playing. Quite ephemeral.

We wondered what was behind this friendly blue door. The door was surrounded by lush greenery.

Lovely yellow flowers and bicycles. Almost everyone young and old would bicycle around.

The swans looked quite plump despite many signs stating, do not feed the swans.

Art class along the Lake. It looked quite peaceful.

The clandestine alleyways and arches would frame other places and pathways to explore.

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