Den Gouden Karpel Fishbar, Bruges

Den Gouden Karpel is a solid seafood places in Brugges, one of the best. At dinner time the menu is quite expensive, but we circumvented the cost, by dining at Gouden Karpel’s Fishbar and takeaway area for lunch, on the back side of the restaurant.

The restaurant sells tunafish, fresh fish, prepared foods,  seafood salad, salmon spread, paella and fresh seafood by weight.

Off the Vismarket, behind the main part of the restaurant, Gouden Karpel FIshbar has a take out and pre-made area and a few bar seats.

We had some Bruges Zot beer, which was light and refreshing to drink. The table next to us enjoyed a bowl of mussels and a few glasses of Belgium beer. Not a bad idea at all.

We started with the fish soup of the day which was creamy, warming and really fresh. The flavor of the fish was very prevalent, but enjoyable.

The Paella was really unbelievable. There was non-traditional vegetables such as bean sprouts, but the Asian flavors really were special. The mussels, langoustine, shrimp and bits of white fish were well prepared and really tasty. One of the best paellas ever eaten.

We had the catch of the day with fresh white fish with vegetables and a butter cream sauce. The sprouts, peppers, tomatoes counteracted the creaminess of the sauce. The fish itself was flakey and tender. Exquisite fish.

Overall, Den Gouden Karpel was one of the best meals we ate in Bruges. Super fresh seafood, unique flavors and a great ambiance. We highly suggest going during lunch to avoid waiting, but also for a discounted price from the regular restaurant. The restroom actually is in the main restaurant and we were given the restaurant menu to see. The menu is quite similar, but marked up substantially. Loved our meal at Den Gouden Karpel and would be happy to return again for a great seafood based meal.

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