Main Street Confectionary, Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando

On the walk to the castle in the Magic Kingdom, we were distracted by the Main Street Confectionary. Although pricey, we were tempted by all the chocolate covered, rice crispies, candied apples, and treats.

The sweet shop sells adorable Mickey Rice Crispies coated in white and milk chocolate.

There are also large face sized rice crispy Mickey’s, plain, chocolate covered and candied.From cookies and cream fudge, Mickey Cashew Nut Cluster, Milk Chocolate S’mores Squares to Cashew Patties, there is chocolate covered everything.

The chocolate covered s’mores was a must. The graham cracker bottom, soft marshmallow and thick chocolate coating was awesome $4.99.

What really amused us was the rice crispy turkey leg for $3.99 each. Although we didn’t have the brined dinosaur sized turkey legs at Frontierland, we did partake in the rice crispy version.

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