Rose and Crown, United Kingdom Pavilion, Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando

Per our research, the Epcot 9pm Illuminations fireworks were a must see. We read that the Rose and Crown Pub at the United Kingdom Pavilion was the place to watch. We made reservations for 7:00pm, checking in to make our request for an outdoor Illuminations view. We received the buzzer and after wandering the gift shops, was greeted by several ruddy-faced and friendly staff in yellow oxfords.  We sat down 30 minutes after our initial reservation at the water’s edge.

We tried a half Boddingtons English Pub Ale and half Guinness Stout, as well as a Cider and Black (cider with a shot of black currant juice) each $8.00. Both drinks were refreshing. Highly suggested.

We decided on the Appetizer Trio ($15.99), which came with a Scotch Egg. There were two items on the trio we prefer to avoid, are cranberries and shrimp cocktail. Our server was exceptionally friendly and even mentioned after her one year work Visa is up, instead of returning to the UK, she would love to live in Boston!

She informed the chef, who took the time to come out and speak to us about our preferences and he was so thoughtful and more than accommodating. The frisee and apple salad with stilton, candied nuts (without craisins dried cranberry vinaigrette) was refreshing and pungent, just the way we like it. Instead of the shrimp cocktail, the chef sent along a fresh tomato, herb and cheese salad as well. We were very pleased with the accommodating and execution of the appetizer trio and food substitutions and preferences. If we would suggest the trio vs a scotch egg, just get the scotch egg so there is room for the rest of the meal!

The scotch egg was surpremely awesome. The golden fried hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat with mustard sauce was delightful. The protein within a protein, yolk and sausage encrusted in a coating.

We had to have Bubble and Squeak for the first time. The fun name and idea of potatoes, cabbage mash with gravy sounded interesting. For $4.99, it can be skipped. Pehaps we were really enjoying the scotch egg, the bubble and squeak was an afterthought.

The rolls were toasty warm and came with three little mini epcot butter balls or a mickey face. The rolls were definitely difficult to resist and we definitely and more than one roll.

Although there was a Quick Service restaurant next door which has fish and chips at half the price, you can not beat the impeccable service and illumination show. The batter-fried fresh cod was served with English chips and a side of tartar sauce, ketchup and a half a lemon for $17.99. The fish was nicely battered and cod was nice and flakey. The chips were not overly seasoned but were great with the tangy and creamy tartar.

The grilled pork brisket was substantial and very tender. The very well done pork was covered in a mushroom ragout  served with potatoes, greens and gravy for $15.99. This is a must try if you like pork. 

While waiting for the fireworks, we had some English tea in striking blue tea pot.

Rose and Crown is truly one of the best locations in the park to see the fireworks. We would definitely recommend outdoor seating and returning again.

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