Whispering Canyon, Wilderness Lodge, Walt Disney World, Orlando

The Wilderness Lodge is a magical place. Large wood beams, totem poles, a feeliing one is  at a National Park and enjoying a cabin. In our opinion, Wilderness Lodge is one of the most impressive, well kept properties at Disney.

Within the Wilderness Lodge is the fun, loud and entertaining Whispering Canyon Cafe. The  servers dress up as cowboy and cowgirls. Our server SideTracSue was rambunctious and got the whole restaurant to sing and was very sassy.If one asks for a refill of water or soda, one of the largest mason jars are brought to the table.

We had a raspberry lemonade to cool off for $2.99.

The loaf of yellow cornbread was served with butter and was nicely warm and tasty.The pulled pork spring rolls were really good, but could have been without the watermelon salad on the side $11.49.

The Canyon Skillet is a must. From chicken, sausage, ribs, fresh corn, herbed mash and baked beans, the skillet is generous, fresh and really nicely done for $19.99. 

The meatloaf sandwich was very rich, buttery and good. Despite the sandwich being really hearty and memorable, it came with a so so pasta salad for $12.99. 

Whispering Canyon Café on Urbanspoon

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