Japan Pavilion, Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando

The Japan Pavilion was one of our favorite of Epcot. This is the place to buy hard to find Japanese items and souvenirs.

The Kaki Gori or Japanese style shaved ice was unreal.  Super cooling, great flavor and value for $4.00. Folks ahead of us had melon and cherry flavored syrups.

The cherry blossoms were stunning, delicate and made one pause and admire them. Sheer beauty.

The chicken teriyaki and rice was bit on the salty side, but the protein was very tender and covered in teriyaki sauce. We would suggest the sushi instead and although filling, there are better options such as the cold noodles.

The gift shop was by far one of the largest and most entertaining full of trinkets, Japanese beauty products, kimono trying, Japanese toys, Nintendo and video game stuffed animals. Let’s not forget the food and beverage related items including sake tastings and Japanese tea and snack items.

Our cashier Hirokazu was very informative and we purchased several boxes of Seika Bontan Ame candies for $1.76 each as well as the Ozki Hana Awa Ka 250 ML for $11.99 and a bottle of the Ozeki Taruzake 300ML for $11.99.

We skipped over the pearl picking, kimonos and comic books and purchased a fan. The salesperson inscribed our Japanese name and was a great tool to keep a little bit cool in the heat.

Tokyo Dining on Urbanspoon

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