Mexico Pavilion, Epcot, Walt Disney World, Orlando

We stopped by La Cantina de San Angel for a quick snack. La Cantina serves tacos, churros, tostados, Mexican beer and margaritas. The out door space overlooked the water which was picturesque.

The counter staff were wearing colorful skirts and blouses and went well with the tiles.
A huron was hanging out while we were enjoying the view. They were shameless, unabashed and very close to patrons.

We opted for the churros. The churros with milk caramel (dulce de leche) were not super fresh, but the liquidy milk caramel was very nice for $3.99.

The milky, thin caramel brought creamy and sweet coating to the sugar dusted fried dough. They definitely made the churros better.The Mexican “ruins” were fun and very Disney-fied. Perfectly symmetric, we walked into the building to get some shade and air conditioning.

We were surprised by the indoor area with a tequila bar, indoor restaurant, market place and night sky. We enjoyed the indoor river way and enjoyed the illuminated volcano and landscaping.

La Cantina de San Angel on Urbanspoon

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