Burma SuperStar, New Chinatown, San Francisco

Burma Superstar is unbelievable. We still can not believe this was our first Burmese cuisine dining experience. Our “first” was flawless and highly memorable.

We enjoyed a contrast of hot and cold beverages from iced tea (BMH’s version of Thai iced tea) to hot tea.

The Vegetarian Samusa Soup was warming, fully of flavor and we wish we had additional bowls for ourselves and then we had to have some roti canai. 

The Tea Leaf Salad was presented as individual components. Our server combined the fried garlic, peanuts, tea and vegetables together and the flavors were harmonious. The With textures from fried garlic, peanuts were also incredibly delicious.

On of our favorite dishes was the Bun Tay Kauswer. The coconut chicken curry flour noodles had a strong coconut curry sauce with split yellow peas, eggs, cabbage, and fried onions. Again, the sum was greater than the parts and the intense flavors were rich and satisfying.

We can not wait to return for every dish we sampled as well as the lettuce cups, the Burmese chicken casserole with cardamom cinnamon rice, citrus chicken and peanut sauce and more Burmese curries.

Burma Superstar on Urbanspoon

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