Sam’s, North Beach, San Francisco

Sam’s has been on the list and we were glad we stopped by the 618 Broadway at Grant Ave Pizza and hamburgers joint. The restaurant is opened until 3AM every day and is in the perfect spot for late night munchies. There are rambunctious patrons and shenanigans.

The Sam’s Special includes a hamburger with fries and a coke for $8.99. It looked pretty tempting, but we wanted MORE.

The menu features burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, fried items, rings, fries and pizza. Cash is preferred and patrons must pay immediately after one orders.

We went for a Bourdain Special which included a domestic beer, double cheeseburger and a side of fries for $14.99. The toppings, bacon and cheese were an additional surcharge, bringing the bill up to $17 or $18 bucks. Avocado is an additional $1.25. The fries were really nicely seasoned and had garlic flavor. We would have been happy with the fries and a beer.

How was the burger? According Bourdain “That’s a good mother***ing burger, Top Three in the World!!!” The burger patties were nice and juicy, and greasy. The bacon was nicely fried and the acidity of the tomato and freshness of the veg brought layered texture. The burger reminded me of a quality Burger King Whopper.  Was it top three in the world for the price tag?  If you were a bit under the influence, sure. If not, it should be a few bucks cheaper.

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