Source, SOMA, San Francisco

We were considering several options for dinner time in SOMA from Asian fusion So to SOMA StrEAT Food Park. However, given we were craving vegetarian, we decided on Source, a multi-dimensional dining experience. The restaurant was empty around 7pm, but was completely full once 8pm rolled around. Folks clearly appreciate Source’s filitered and ionized air, color therapy , specially filtered water and music. There are two price points a lunch and dinner price for the same items. Note to self, go for lunch!

We were craving vegetarian from pinoles, dosa, vegan truffle macaroni and cheese and fresh salads. The pizzas looked really special, especially since they are made from a wood fire oven shaped as a fire breathing dragon.  Loved looking through the menu and seeing moo, cluck, oink. The onomatopoeias for the faux protein is clever.

For our starter, we kicked off with Spicy Buffalo Bites with celery sticks, slaw and vegan ranch dressing. The bites had a nice level of buffalo sauce the little bites went well with the vegan ranch. The texture of the cluck was good, but wish there was a little more coating like panko to give it a bit more bite.

We would go exclusively back to Source for the Avocado Oink Bits  Burger for $11.95. This is one of the most unique burgers or sandwiches we have had EVER.  There was a great umami and savory flavor from the protein and the oink bits added to the powerful Source burger. No lie, we were fighting over who was taking bigger bites and wanted each other to eat the other entree instead! The creaminess of the avocado, the acidity from the tomato and burger pattie went well together. The two aspects of the burger which were lacking was that the burger came with pita bread as the bun and although the fries were fresh, nothing to write home about.

Let’s talk the burger pattie, made with beets, celery, carrots, lentils, mushrooms, brown rice, fresh herbs, soy protein, garlic and onion. The crust of the burger pattie was unbelievable and the flavor was truly special. We wish we had the recipe for the pattie.

We ordered the Jamaican Jerk Cluck. The cluck and veggies cooked in jerk sauce, with organic brown basmati rice, black beans &  chutney for $13.95. After going to Jamaica, this was not jerk chicken in terms of spice and flavor. The protein was a huge disapointment, although we loved the beans, peach chutney combination.

For dessert we had a vegan Twinkees with vanilla creme filled sponge cake for $3.95. The Twinkee had a heaviness to the sponge itself. The cream center was light and airy, lightly sweet. We had half in the fridge and the cream filling was completely solid (coconut oil?).  It reverted back to its fluffy center once it returned back to room temperature.

We must go back to source and have the avocado burger with oink bits again. MUST GO BACK PERIOD.

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