Takara, Japantown, San Francisco

Takara Restaurant in Peace Plaza is a moderately priced Japanese restaurant with a great selection of lunch options and dinner selection.

We loved the orbs of light throughout the dining room and the Sapporo beer spout.

Upon sitting down, we received a warm towel to freshen our hands. The menu is extensive offering sashimi, tempura, pork, Nabe table cooking, teriyaki and Chirashi sushi.

The soba noodle was perfectly prepared and inexpensive for $8.95.

The katsu pork cutlet was nicely fried and crusted and very tender. The dipping sauce was creamy and the bit of lemon made the katsu have an additional layer of flavor.

We ordered a Tofu Steak dinner which was served with green salad, rice, miso soup and dessert for $12.75. The green salad was refreshing with a carrot ginger dressing and a side of daikon.

The tofu steak came with a fantastic sticky gravy and bonito flake. The tofu steak had a nice coating and a tender, soft center.

For dessert, we enjoyed another glass of matcha green tea and a scoop of icy green tea ice cream. The sweetness of the ice cream and a sip of hot tea was a great combination.

Takara on Urbanspoon

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