Elite Cafe, Fillmore, San Francisco

Elite Cafe has some solid Southern style brunch. We were pleased by the overall ambiance high ceilings, open space and semi private wooden benches. As we plopped down, we were impressed by all the Tabasco options from Habanero to Jalapeno.

We had to try a Meetinghouse Biscuit with Strawberry Butter for $1 each and a bowl of Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Holes for $2.75. The biscuits were perfectly flakey, buttery and really special with the strawberry butter fruity and creamy flavor. The doughnut holes were mini dime sized donut holes and fun to pop in our mouths before our main brunch arrived.

The Corned Beef Hash was served in a skillet and was nestled  on the toasted biscuits topped with poached eggs and rich bechamel sauce. The poached eggs looked perfectly cooked and the hash was not a mix of potatoes, the hash was very meaty for $13.75.

The Alabama Scramble rocked. The nicely scrambled eggs was incorporated with bits of minced bacon with baked mashed potatoes, biscuits and gravy for $11.50. The biscuit and gravy combination was nicely buttery and savory and the eggs were fluffy and had a nice texture contrast with the salty bacon.

The Huevos Rancheros were really fresh and had a nice balance of beans, jack cheese, fried eggs, salsa, guacamole and cream for $11.50. The corn tortillas were so so and could be skipped.

Our only critique was after we were almost finished with brunch, we felt like we were being pushed out and they wanted to turn the table. We completely understand how busy and high demand a table was, but made the end of our brunch experience uneasy.

We would definitely return for the food when in the area. The Warm Goat Cheese and Leek Tart with Baby Arugula, Pink Peppercorn and Citrus Vinaigrette looks right up our alley. Next time.

Elite Cafe on Urbanspoon

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