Katana-ya, Civic Center, San Francisco

Katana-ya is one of the most popular ramen joint in the Union Square and Civic Center. After passing some unsavory aspects of the Civic Center, we browsed the menu outside the restaurant, as the restaurant had a wait time.

From soba noodles, sushi to ramen of all sorts, Katana-ya is a small space that utilizes all its space to accommodate more guests.  There is a sushi bar in the back and a series of tables in the front. Guests place their name on a list and then wait outside until it is time.

The varieties of ramen are great from green onion, kimchee, butter corn to spicy tofu ramen. We decided to share a Katana-ya ramen with Deep fried chicken, a pot sticker, BBQ pork, egg and corn for $12.90. The individual components were delicious standalone. The fried chicken was flavorful, the pot sticker had juicy meat, the pork was tender and the egg and corn combination added nice texture, sweetness and richness.

The homemade pan-fried gyoza pot stickers had a nice crust, flavorful meat filling and was served with a chili oil ($6.00).

We also shared a BBQ Pork ramen ($10.50). The salty broth was full of scallion, nori and tender slices of barbeque pork and was just missing a bit of chili, which we added after the fact.

The smaller combo sized Katsu don was delicious and just the right size. The panko crusted pork covered in a rich layer of egg, bits of scallions over a bed of rice and was very tasty.

Katana-ya was a soul warming meal. The servers were attentive, food was served quickly and next time, we’ll try some soba, another ramen. agedashi tofu and sushi.

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