Ramen Underground, Chinatown, San Francisco

After contemplating dinner options from Chinese, Vietnamese to Italian, we decided on some noodles at Ramen Underground. After passing Ramen Underground during lunchtime, where there was a line out the door and folks were bustling in and our for take out.

We arrived at the entrance and noticed the waiting list. There were a few names running down the column and as we etched our name down, the server took a quick glance and since other parties were not fully arrived, there was next to no wait and we were in.

The small, dark room with chalkboard paint lined walls was full except for a few stools and a few seats at a shared table. The menu was just killer. The menu was visual, fun and outlined the additional toppings from egg, pork, butter. Our favorite sign was the one which said MSG and had a little LOL under the G.

We enjoyed a small rice bowls with Chicken Teriyaki. The small is $5 and a large $8 (Ramen sized bowl). If one orders a ramen, the small is a dollar off, for $4.  The Chicken Teriyaki was perfectly charred and flavorful and loved the bits of scallion with the rice. The salad was almost detracting from the main event, but would have been better with some sesame ginger dressing.

We ordered the Spicy Soy Sauce Ramen for $8 (and Spicy So Sauce for an additional $1.00). We just wanted the basic ramen with the inclusive one slice of BBQ Pork and some green onion. The ramen itself had slices of mushrooms as well which was a nice surprise. The deep red clay colored broth was really flavorful.

After slurping the perfectly prepared yellow noodle, there was a well of broth remaining. For an additional $2.00, we got another serving of chewy, lightly yellow noodles to meld with the spicy soy soup. Naruto will be proud that we finished the bowl up completely.

We had to order the only dessert on the menu. The Matcha Tiramisu came with a fewstive pink cocktail umbrella and was quite rustic in form ($4.00). The layers of soft sponge cookies, lightly sweetened whip cream and matcha powder. After enjoying the dessert, we realized we could make this style of a matcha tiramisu any time.


Ramen Underground makes solid ramen, rice bowls and matcha tiramisu. All items we deeply enjoyed and felt they executed everything well. We’d definitely return on an off hour.Ramen Underground on Urbanspoon

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