Tropisueño, Civic Center, San Francisco

Tropisueño is a chill, comfortable Mexican restaurant that stands for Exotic (Tropi) dreams (sueño). Immediately upon entrance is the spacious bar with Mexican decor and touches. The complimentary chips were crisp, well seasoned and fresh. Our chips were served with a trio of colorful salsas. Tropisueno serves Mexican Coke with real cane sugar (not high fructose corn syrup) that we are accustomed to in the States. Although we did not partake in the margaritas on the rocks, we learned they do not do frozen margaritas or horchata as advertised on Yelp reviews. The Empanadas de Hongos ($8), two Mexico City style turnovers filled with pasilla, mushrooms, and cheese, salsa güero were unbelievable, full of flavor and a must get. The mushroom and cheese filling was mouthwatering. We deeply enjoyed the Molotes de Elote y Barbacoa ($8) Corn masa “cigars” filled with Mexican BBQ beef, corn and cotija cheese. The Black bean sauce and crema added an additional layer of flavor. The Tampiqueño ($15) Niman Ranch beef, thin-cut grilled carne asada was tender and served with a beef barbacoa enchilada and creamy guacamole. It was a generous portion and we needed to take half home. The Tostaditas de Carnitas ($7), roasted pork on crisp tostadas, guacamole salsa güero and pico de gallo and shredded lettuce were tasty. We would get these again. The dishes came with a trio of beans, refried, black and white beans. Each with a different flavor profile. Upon receiving the bill, we enjoyed the complimentary Chupa Chups lollipops. We loved the strawberry, orange cream and mango flavors. Tropisueno does not serve our favorite Mexican dessert and treat, churros. Disappointing. When we ordered the tres leches cake, unfortunately they were out. Tropisueño on Urbanspoon

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