The House, North Beach, San Francisco

We have been waiting with baited breath for the opportunity to dine at The House. On multiple accounts, we have heard glowing commentary on how buttery and delicious the ginger sea bass with garlic ginger soy is. We needed to try it ourselves.

In the evenings, whenever we pass the restaurant week day or weekend, it is packed and there is a line of people out the door. Without reservations, there have been rumored hour + waits.  We decided on a weekend lunch at noon and the restaurant was tiny and space was simply decorated, but knew we were in great hands. As we worked through our meal, the restaurant was full.

We started with a complimentary plate of pickled cucumbers with sesame. The cucumber was nice and tangy and had a nice crunch.

We started with the deep-fried chicken liver with baby greens for $8. The greens itself were nicely dressed and had halves of sweet cherry tomatoes, grapes to counter the deep fried coated chicken livers. This was an ok dish. The greens were the better part. Although the chicken livers were very clean, it was nothing special and needed additional seasoning or flavor.

In contrast to the chicken liver salad, the anticipated ginger soy sea bass was planted next to the salad and we were ready to sample the fish.

The Grilled Sea Bass with garlic ginger soy served with green beans, chewy, thick noodles for $23. The white fish was flakey, lightly charred and sweet. It was truly melt in your mouth and we all unanimously said this was our favorite dish and we wanted one plate for ourselves. This is a must get.

The super fresh Albacore Tuna special was lightly seared and very smooth. The California roll was rich from the avocado. We really liked the spicy mustard aioli, and wish there was a side dish of the aioli because it was difficult to sceape off the plate ($22).

We knew we would have to order a bowl of the Warm Wasabi House Noodles with grilled pork for $10. This was a generous portion and the noodles had a nice chew and the tender pork was well prepared. The wasabi coated noodles were very enjoyable especially with the crunch of the slivered cabbage and vegetables.

Our other favorite and must get again dish was the Curry Noodles with grilled chicken and fried taro for $10. Our server suggested this as one of his favorites and we agree. The noodles had a lovely curry flavor, really tasty and we could not stop complimenting how good the dish would. Another must get and we would insist everyone order these.

Can not wait for another round of curry noodles and seabass with ginger soy. House was delicious and now understand why there is always a line out the door.House on Urbanspoon

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