Kara’s Cupcakes, Marina, San Francisco

Kara’s Cupcakes are known for fresh cupcakes, classic and fun flavor combinations, and adorable frosting top. Kara’s Cupcakes has six locations throughout various parts of the city, including Ghiradelli Square. We popped into the Marina location for a small treat. We love that Kara was the daughter of a dentist. The cupcakes’ perfect swirls, multi-shaped candy toppings and various flavors are quite impressive. The chocolate coconut, peanut butter and chocolate ganache, chocolate velvet are all quite tantalizing ($3.25 each or $36.00 for a dozen). The vanilla coconut and the sweet s’mores with graham cracker crust and marshmallow topping were decadent and fun. We decided to sample kara’s karrot cupcake in store, and the s’mores and fleur de sel cupcake (caramel filled, chocolate cupcake with ganache and fleur de sel). The top and bottom of the s’mores cupcake were truly special. The fluffy marshmallow top and buttery graham crust were so delicious. The chocolate cupcake was very moist and tender, especially with the caramel filled center. The sweet and rich ganache was balanced by the salty fleur de sel. Kara's Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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