Pacific Catch, Marina, San Francisco

We have been hearing about Pacific Catch for sometime now. Friends mention how popular the restaurant is and rightfully so. Pacific Catch serves large meal sized salads and rice bowls with salmon, mahi mahi, ahi or Korean barbeque. The restaurant’s table are tightly packed together and the restaurant has lighthearted decor of fish, art work and very chill. We love fish tacos of any sort and really enjoyed the Traditional Baja with crispy True Cod, cabbage, avocado-tomatillo salsa & jalapeño tartar and a side of spicy fries. The fresh tacos had delicious fish and a nice combination of spicy, tangy sauces. The fries were nicely cut and seasoned. We will have to try the Hawaiian Poke,sushi-grade ahi tuna with sesame-soy marinade & spicy seasonings with wonton crisps and the Korean sticky ribs with sesame & cilantro. For dessert, we will have to try the Mochi Fondue and Fried Dulce de Leche “Spring Rolls” with vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce. Pacific Catch Chestnut on Urbanspoon

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