Intercontinental In Room Dining, Soma, San Francisco

Although we have been meaning to try Luce, a Michelin starred restaurant in the Intercontinental several times now, the closest we have got was via in room dining. Luce has won 3 consecutive years in a row and has a creative looking 10 course tasting menu for $85 filled with foie, sweet cheeks, purees and the like. We look forward to trying the tasting menu in the future.

Although the service was delayed, we enjoyed In room dining we had the Seasonal vegetable soup (squash and tomato) served with crusty bread ($9). The soup was earthy, warming and satisfying.

The Luce Organic Cobb Salad, with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Avocado and Blue Cheese was fantastic. The balance of flavors was spot on and We enjoyed the salty flavor of the bacon and creaminess of the creamy cheese, avocado and eggs ($17). We would definitely get this again.w

As we enjoyed a glass of white wine to go with our light salad, we perused the rest of the menu and thought the Luce Hamburger ($18), short rib panini with carmelized onions and gruyere ($16) and short rib spaghettini with wild mushroom ($18) all look interesting.

Luce on Urbanspoon

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