Hang Ah Tearoom, Chinatown, San Francisco

Hang Ah Tearoom was highly suggested by our dear friends and is now one of our absolute favorites and our go to dumpling houses.  The restaurant is next to a school yard and down a hidden alleyway and to the left. Do not be deterred if Hang Ah Tearoom is not found immediately, persist and find it!

We suggest trying all the a la carte dim sum items, since Hang Ah executes this so well. The regular items on the menu including noodles, soups, fried rice are all quite delicious as well.

Hang Ah has a funky lime and orange color combination. The red plastic chairs, gilded gold frames and accents are fun.

We started with some potstickers. The crispy exterior, tender pork dumpling inside was amazing. The chew of the dough, the tenderness and juicy flavor of the pork were the perfect combination. We had to order two more orders after our first taste.

The pork buns were so fluffy on the outside and had sweet and salty barbeque pork. They were freshly made and piping hot.

The stir fried vegetable noodles had the right amount of coating, the vegetables were lightly crisp and were really satisfying.

Our very inexpensive, yet tasty meal came with a few fortune cookies. We paid in cash and were happy campers.

Hang Ah Tea Room on Urbanspoon

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