Mission Chinese Food, Mission District, San Francisco

We have enjoyed the cuisine of Mission Street Food and were aching to try the Americanized Asian dishes of Mission Chinese Food, now located in New York, in addition to San Francisco. MCF is located at the Lung Shan Restaurant in the Mission and meal contributes a donation to the San Francisco Food Bank. Instead of risking having to wait for a seat, we decided to order in and have our meal delivered.

The Mongolian Long Beans ($10) radiated in flavor with leeks,  Roasted chili, horseradish, garlic shoots and steamed rice.

We sampled the Broccoli Beef Cheek $13 with Gai lan, poached oyster, smoked oyster sauce and served with steamed rice.

The Thrice cooked bacon $11 with bitter melon, scallion, tofu skin, black bean and chili oil had a balance between bitter, salty and savory.

After a taste of each dish, we the salty, savory, heat and punch unified each component. The meal itself was filling and full of spice. Delivery was a great move on our end and next time, we’ll sample the mouthwatering chicken, tea-smoked eel, stir fried sweet peas and wild pepper leaves.

Mission Chinese Food on Urbanspoon

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