Beard Papas, Soma, San Francisco

Beard Papas sells “Fresh’n natural cream puffs” and is an Osaka based, Japanese franchise with over 250 stores in Japan and 300 worldwide.

The choux pastry cream puffs are made fresh and some even have a cookie crust. Then the guest can select the custard filling. The custard flavors rotate and there are weekly special flavors as well.

In addition to cream puffs, Beard Papas serves tiramisu, cheesecake, eclairs and mochi ice cream.

The filled puffs can be covered in matcha green tea, cocoa and icing sugar.

The cheesecake stick was a light, airy sponge cake similar to a Chinese sponge cake, with a layer of cookie crust.

We loved the cookie crusted cream puff filled with green tea custard filling. The textural contrast and lush cream was delicious.

The cookie crusted cream puff with traditional custard cream was light and noteworthy.

The chocolate covered cream puff had a thick chocolate coating and the traditional cream was yummy.

Beard Papa on Urbanspoon

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