New Favorites: Scream and Fresh Ginger Ale, Ferry Building, San Francisco

After wandering the farmer’s market and purchasing fresh peaches, Sukhi’s pumpkin paratha, jalapeno chutney and paratha dip and Marin Gourmet’s aubergine spread.

Our two favorite items we tasted were both Scream Sorbet and Fresh Ginger Ale at the Ferry Building on a stunning Saturday afternoon, we know we’ll be seeking out both products whenever we cross paths again. Who doesn’t enjoy a purity of flavor and intensity of each ingredient. Scream is opened an Oakland retail store and we couldn’t be more thrilled, read up on Scream according to T Magazine.

We were able to sample so many of the flavors. Although we tried strawberry lemon, pistachio, chili peach, melon, coffee almond, peppermint chocolate and spicy chocolate pecan, our favorite was hands down the pistachio and the coffee almond. The sizes and price points is a single is $3, double $5 and triple $7. We wanted to enjoy our two favorites, so we swiped our card on square and went for the $5 one.

The Scream’s pistachio was one of the best pistachio sorbets or ice creams for that matter ever eaten. The pistachio is just so clear and powerful. Very pleasureable. The coffee almond was nice and nutty. A great combo together. We definitely would love to try the Almond Pink Peppercorn, Bartlett Pear, Concord Grape, Saffron Almond and Maple Walnut when they are available.

The other product which was a must get again was Bruce Cost’s Fresh Ginger Ale, which is the only ginger ale made with fresh ginger (no extracts).  Bruce Cost is the genius on Wow Bow in Chicago (BMH’s review of Wow Bao, Chicago) and nailed it again.

The Original Ginger and Jasmine Green Tea were our two favorites, but read Wall Street Journal’s commentary. Fresh Ginger Ale can be found at Walgreens and Whole Foods and we foresee ourselves picking up some bottles as a substitute for ginger beer cocktails.

Scream Sorbet on Urbanspoon

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