Miette, Ferry Building, San Francisco

Miette is absolutely adorable from its cake logo to cake stands and whimsical store front. The cookies, cakes and macarons are solid.

Miette has lovely crafted chocolate, chocolate lavender, hazelnut, pistachio, rose geranium, strawberry and vanilla flavored macarons.

The airy marshmallows are soft, fluffy and melt in your mouth. Perfect for s’mores and an every day sweet treat.

We have fantasized about each cakes individual attributes from ganache to fondant. The gingerbread, carrot cake, strawberry and vanilla tomboy, princess cake, old-fashioned ake and Sharffen Berger are all tantalizing and have a goal to try each of them one day.

We are also obsessed with tarts and tartelettes, however have not sampled them yet. Perhaps we will purchase the Miette recipe book and attempt them ourselves.

The gingersnaps are one of our absolute favorites and made of Straus butter. The gingersnaps are super spicy and have a nice crisp. These are fantastic gifts for friends and family, as well as with tea.

We love the chocolate lavender, pistachio and hazelnut flavored macarons. They have the right ratio of butter cream filling and almond meringue.

Miette Cakes on Urbanspoon

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