Campton Place Restaurant, Taj Campton, Union Square, San Francisco

Holiday time is here and Union Square was packed. Campton Place Restaurant at the Taj Campton was equally busy. Upon entrance, we noticed all the tired shoppers and hungry diners. We were greeted by very friendly, properly dressed staff and the dining room had an inviting ambiance and the wreaths brought a  touch of holiday cheer. _MG_3665 We decided on the Holiday prixe fixe and a few of our dining companions decided on the wine pairing at an additional $34/person. The restaurant serves New American cuisine with hints of Indian and exotic spices. _MG_3667 The beginning of our meal kicked off with an amuse bouche complimentary of the kitchen. The airy burst of of arugula, apple and avocado foam was a palate awakener. We are huge fans of green smoothies and this was an elegant and refreshing version. _MG_3669The spiced shrimp with young potatoes, mint reliish, yogurt and mustard greens was one of the most elegantly plated dishes we have ever seen. Our dining companions absolutely loved this salad. The shrimp tender and accoutrements very fresh. We absolutely loved the mustard greens and color._MG_3672The butternut squash veloute vanilla and coffee was the least unique dish of all the plates and yet it was still warming and very simple. The hint of vanilla and coffee was fragrant, but ultimately something that will not be savored or ordered again._MG_3674Our favorite dish was the Black Cod Pan Seared with Cauliflowers Composition, Mussels, Red Radish and Coconut Curry. The plate was gorgeous and the curry sauce was flavorful. The black cod was tender and the mussels perfectly cooked. The paper thin radish slices and cauliflower were hints of brightness and offered a bite. The black rice offered great texture and pop. _MG_3676Our dining companion ordered the Liberty Farm Duck “Samosa” Spiced Tomato Butter and Chilled Vegetables. Unfortunately, we did not get the verdict on if he would order it again, but it certainly looked tantalizing._MG_3679We rushed to the Legion of Honor for Rodin’s The Thinker, Royal Treasure from the Louvre and an afternoon of art and an organ concert. Although it doesn’t compare with visiting Musee Rodin itself or Musee d’Orsay, it was a perfect way to “travel” for an afternoon and absorb some culture._MG_3684


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