Craftsman and Wolves, Mission District, San Francisco

After chatting with a fellow food enthusiast at Campton Place Restaurant (BMH review of Campton Place Restaurant, Taj Campton), we were instructed to check out Craftsman and Wolves, the brainchild of Chef William Werner (former pastry chef at Quince).

The gorgeous space serves coffee from Sightglass (BMH Review of Sightglass Coffee in SOMA), amazing looking pastries, tea, sandwiches and unique muffins. We plan on visiting time and time again.


The space is one of the most thoughtfully designed restaurant spaces we have ever seen one would have no clue it was formerly a car garage. The pastry displays are well done, museum like and the ceiling and walls are hard to not be impressed by. We loved the wood, brick, dark cabinets and open room.



Craftsman and Wolves serves drinking chocolate and afternoon tea. We eyed the sandwiches and the saucisson sec, cornichons, black mustard butter, baguette was unfortunately sold out.


We were told to try, the Rebel Wihtin, a savory muffin with bacon and scallions, and a runny egg inside for $7. There is even a t-shirt with a a diagram of the muffin contents.


The cocoa carrot muffin, caramelized hazelnut financier, blueberry brown butter muffin and the Devil Inside (with foie gras, chocoate and toffee) all were very alluring.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have the appetite for too many baked goods, or even the pumpkin, apple, cardamom crumble or smoke cheddar and hot pepper gougere, but definitely next time._MG_3722

The beautiful pastries also include caramel, coffee, dark chocolate eclair, chocolate croissant stack and pain au cochon (yes with bacon!)_MG_3723

The  house baguette, levain loaf and fougasse reminded us of Paris and were so fresh looking. It was hard not to want to buy a baguette and break the nub on the end and munch on it on the way home._MG_3727

We were very interested in the tarts and cakes which were very dainty and had artful toppings.

The Valrhona hot chocolate with violet marshmallow is a must the next time we visit._MG_3732Despite listing all our wants, what was on our hit list was The Rebel Within. The Asiago and Parmesan cheese muffin had a nice density, had bits of scallions and Boccalone breakfast sausage (BMH’s review of Boccalone Salumeria) throughout and of course the egg in the inside. We do wish the muffin was fresh from the oven and the runny yolk warm inside, but the clever novelty and idea is worth the $7 alone.

_MG_3733We plan on returning to try all the other assorted offerings in the near future.

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