Boba Guys, Mission District, San Francisco

Boba Guys is an absolute labor love. The two founding Boba Guys, Andrew and Bin and are armed with a killer combo of a MBA and a design eye. In 2011, BG opened up pop up shop with an anteater logo enjoying a boba tea and currently serve up at Ken Ken Ramen weekends and next door at Suika during lunch hours on the weekdays.


The guys used the proper scientific method to distill the best recipe for artisanal boba. After blind taste tests and tracking the various  iterations on a proper spreadsheet, they found their perfect combination of ingredients including Petaluma’s Straus Family Creamery organic milk and high quality teas. Andrew’s wife works at Peet’s and was helpful in sourcing 40 organic teas from Five Mountains, in which BG whittled down to their own unique blend. _MG_3709

The Sunday afternoon we popped by to Ken Ken Ramen, and the ramen shop’s bar was cornered off for patrons to enjoy some boba. Unfortunately, they did not have almond jelly and bentos that Sunday afternoon, but we will have to be back to try some tea with almond jelly and a bento snack. _MG_3705

Boba Guys’ pop up shop serves $4 bubble tea in flavors such as original milk tea, soy milk tea, and jasmine milk tea. We have tried out bubble teas and snow at Quickly, Sweetheart Cafe and Boston’s Bao Bao Bakery, and the concept of artisanal, high quality boba teas is an interesting one. Typically, boba tea ranges from $2.00-$3.50, so an additional $1 for higher quality product and pure cane sugar seems like a deal. We know the tapioca pearls are sometimes difficult for most people to enjoy and the texture can be unfamiliar,  however, boba is just fun. A few extra tries and we think you will become addicted._MG_3700

Boba Guys also does catering and has partnered with Frozen Kuhsterd truck serving their boba over their custard. We will have to check this out. Andrew also mentioned to us that they are considering offering shaved ice. We suggested combining Vietnamese iced coffee (with condensed milk) with boba, which would be an awesome hybrid drink._MG_3702

We were able to sample the black tea and the jasmine tea served in glass mason jars. The Jasmine tea was fragrant and nicely blended. Later on, we were able to sample a small taste of the Thai Ice tea, it was perfectly balanced and not too sweet._MG_3704

It was really fun to watch Andrew and Steven hanging out and using glassware and pipettes as if from a chemistry set and stirring up concoctions like mad scientists. These guys are super friendly and just cool to chat with.


The Boba Guys know what they are doing. The house was packed with boba tea fans and once Boba Guys sets up proper shop, we will be there en masse. _MG_3710

Boba Guys on Urbanspoon

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