Namu Gaji, Mission, San Francisco

We stopped by Namu Gaji on Dolores for Happy Hour and we were so was impressed by the communal table and their small wooden “cubby” stools for personal belongings. We ahve seen the Namu Gaji truck at the Ferry Building  Thursdays serving up Street food including Korean fried rice, Korean fried chicken and Gamja fries and we had Namu Gaji on our list for sometime. 

Namu Gaji was created by the Lee brothers and they serve New American Korean (NAK). We love the story that their parent’s generation are farmers and now the son’s have their own farm, Namu Farm. In fact, Namu reminds us of sibling run Mei Mei Street Kitchen food truck in Boston.The Happy Hour menu had some discounted drinks, however the food was the same price of the dinner menu.  “The real” korean taco was the size of a palm and was served with with seasoned rice, kimchee salsa, kimchee remoulade, toasted seaweed nori, with tender chicken thigh for $3 each. The flavor of the salsa and remoulade went well with the crunch from the seaweed and marinated chicken. We highly suggest you order two because one is not splitable!For drinks we ordered Magnolia “Bonnie Lee Bitter” English-style “bitter” ale and Dying Vines “Hop Candy” English-style ipa for $3 each. Our beers were served with glass jars and were frothy and perfect to cut the fried goodness of the Gamja fries.We knew we had to order the Gamja fries, a Korean spin on poutine, with kewpie (Korean Miracle Whip), teriyaki, kimchee relish, scallions, bits of short rib and gochujang for $11. The crunchy fries had a nice creamy, tangy and sweet and savory flavor and we had to finish off the entire bowl. We will have to return for more New American Korean including the ramen with hot dogs, Stone pot rice for $18 and a dessert of shaved ice with Four Barrel coffee with condensed milk for $6. We really appreciate Asian inspired dishes and new was to challenge our palate with new flavors.Namu Gaji on Urbanspoon

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