Sofra Bakery, West Cambridge

We are obsessed with the Molasses cookies from Sofra. Almost every other farmer’s Copley farmer’s market, we would stop by Siena Farms stand and get the molasses cookies. We even have tried making them ourselves at home (BMH interpretation of Molasses Cookies) and they come close, but not the same. We were missing the cookies and decided it was time to make the scenic drive over to Mount Auburn and to Sofra.

Ana Sortun’s Sofra Bakery is solid. Great baked goodies, shwarmas and mezze all delicious. The restaurant was fully packed inside, there was a line of 7-10 people consistently waiting to order and the seating outside also had a queue.

While waiting in line, we considered the cheese borek, but decided against it would be to heavy.On weekdays, breakfast is served until 11am (3pm on weekends) and we just missed it. In line we decided on the breakfast sandwich with fried egg, bacon, haloumi (soft goats milk cheese) and feta butter. Damn. We also wanted the Shakshuka, eggs poached in tomato broth with curry, zhoug and pita crumbs $7. Another damn.
Sofra sells Middle Eastern products, spices, containers of hummus, mezze and more.
We really loved the wood ceilings, lighting and inviting and colorful fabrics on the benches.

We ordered a Red Dragon Green Tea (sour cherry juice and green tea) and it was lightly tart and very satisfying. Must get.

The shredded lamb shawarma with pickled cabbage, tahini and yogurt for $9 was unbelievably tasty. We figured out exactly why the texture was so crisp, a concerning eye, skill and a great grill top.

The shredded lamb was moist, very flavorful and had a nice balance of tangy and creamy.

The mezze was really special. You can choose one scoop (with crackers) for $3 or five (with bread) for $9. Definitely order extra bread! We chose the whipped feta with sweet & hot peppers, beet tzatziki and let the staff choose the remainder. We considered the celeriac & apple tabouleh, Moroccan style carrot salad, Parsnip skordalia and Pitryot (marinated vegetable salad with amba).

The whipped feta is very salty, creamy and great mixed with other mezze to counteract the feta’s saltiness. Our other favorites was the hummus which was very smooth and the beet tzatsiki which was finely shredded, sweet and creamy.

We also had to order a few of the falafel balls. The freshly fried, crunchy on the outside, tender and slightly herbal on the inside. These would have been awesome with the mezze.

We couldn’t help ourselves. Besides a package of the molasses cookies to go with afternoon tea time, we had to try the pistachio pop tart $3.50, Syrian shortbread $1.25 and Persian spice graham $.75.

Of the three, the pop tart and Syrian shortbread are must get again. The rose scented center was sandwiched by the thick spiced graham cracker. The pop tart had a nice glaze and a nice pistachio baklava like center. The shortbread was nicely sweet, flakey and buttery. Luscious. Try the shortbread at home. BMH’s interpretation of Sofra’s Syrian Shortbread.

We will have to return to Sofra for the rest of the menu, but more specifically the break items including the the tomato sauce and eggs, breakfast sandwich and other baked goodies.

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