Ramen at Uni, Hotel Commenwealth, Back Bay, Boston

We are a fan of Oringer and Bissonnette (Coppa, Lil Sis’s review of Toro, I, II, III and La Verdad). Although we have been meaning to visit Clio and Uni, our first visit was for the Late Night Ramen. Uni serves Late Night Ramen every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11pm. First come, first serve. While waiting to be seated, we sat at the packed bar and started with a Chang Beer for a few bucks and a light, non-alcoholic berry drink. Refreshing.

The menu is cleverly marked on cardboard. The drawings, listings are fun and sets the tone for the low key and chill meal. We eyed the ice cream sandwich $3, pork bun $6, hot dog for $5.

Our dining companion had the Traditional Ramen for $10 (not pictured) and enjoyed the nicely flavored dashi chicken miso broth, pork shoulder, chewy yellow noodles and soft boiled egg. I enjoyed the Umami Ramen for $10. It was deeply umami and had a very rich flavor. The Umami ramen has a dozen types of mushrooms and the unagi went well with the flavor of the onion, shreds of seaweed soft boiled egg. Definitely unique.

We enjoyed the cocoa nib and shiso ice cream sandwich $3 tremendously. Very surprising combination and quite unique.

We would highly recommend getting in a few bowls of ramen and pork belly buna at Uni.Uni on Urbanspoon

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