Cafe M, Koreatown, New York City

After a delightful meal at Hangawi, we stopped by Cafe M, which reminded us of Lady M Cake Boutique (BMH’s review of Lady M Cake Boutique).


Cafe M had cases of quiches, baguettes, sandwiches and cookies including flourless chocolate walnut, oatmeal walnut & dark chocolate chips,flourless chocolate walnut and oatmeal walnut & dark chocolate chips.


While deciding on what we would purchase for later, we helped ourselves to some water with lemon from the lemonade jar._MG_3764

Other tasty delights include beignette strawberry chocolate, chocolate croissant, madeleines, almond croissant, pain au chocolat and almond orange brioche.

_MG_3769 _MG_3765

We had a hard time deciding between the alfajores, madeleines and French macarons. The macarons won at $2.25 a pop.


The flavors Cafe M sells include chocolate, black tea, blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, pistachio, coffee, raspberry, lemon, passion fruit and coconut.

_MG_3761_MG_3766We grabbed our favorite flavors to fill in a single box and couldn’t wait to sample them. Macarons can be a solo feat, but we decided to share our macaron box with our sassy, joyous friend Lil.



She looked intrigued at the cookies, and isn’t she adorable in her purple earmuffs?


So Lil has never had a blueberry flavored macaron before and gobbled it up. In fact, she asked for another. Uh oh! We have created a monster! This is an expensive habit to have so early on!

The macarons were nicely flavored, had a nice crust and chewy center. The variety of flavors were also quite enjoyable._MG_3819

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