Bunch, Gallery, Koreatown, New York City

Bunch, located in Food Gallery 32, is a steamed bum shop which opened only three months ago. They serve huge buns and reminds us of Wow Bao (BMH’s review of Wow Bao in Chicago).



We loved the Bunch lo, which could easily be interpreted as a pillowy steamed bun, a cloud, a round mountain and any other shape that one could imagine.


The two specialty buns which caught our eyes were the Mushroom with shitake, portabello, cabbage and the Bacon Kimchi with pork belly, kimchi and mozzarella cheese. Intriguing right?_MG_3845



We ordered the Bacon Kimchi, Beef, Curry and Pork buns and loved their differing dough shades._MG_3850

Our favorites were the beef and curry buns, pure and simple. Surprisingly the buns with the bells and whistles were good, but the traditional buns were simple yet flavorful._MG_3854

We loved the steamed bun dough, lightly sweet, fluffy and not too thick. The glass noodle and center filling were generous and savory._MG_3856

We definitely will stop by Bunch again for there gigantic sized steamed buns. The $2.50 ones are fresh and a deal.Bunch on Urbanspoon

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