Kyo-chon, Koreatown, New York City

Being massive fans of Korean fried chicken and Bonchon (BMH’s reviews of Bonchon visits 1, 2, 3), we were intrigued by Kyo-Chon‘s bright lights and tagline Chicken like you’ve never had before! _MG_3857

What is fun about KyoChon is the club like ambiance with white furniture, bright tv screens, funky walls and K-Pop (like Girls Generation) playing on the jumbo screens along the walls.


The most popular item on the menu is the Signature Wings Combo with choice of soy garlic or hot and sweet sauce. What was different on the menu was the Soy Sal Sal slices original sal sal chicken strips._MG_3756We learned that Kyo-chon’s Signature Wings are double-fried in canola for extra crispiness and individually brushed with  choice of signature soy garlic sauce or hot and sweet sauce. Our favorite was the Honey Wings with because of its sweetness. _MG_3862

The soy garlic and hot and sweet sauce.wings were really tasty and we enjoyed trying the chicken croquettes, which were light and crisp._MG_3863We would definitely stop by for a few more of Kyo-chon’s wings, but we still prefer our tride and true Bonchon. Our allegiance to Bonchon prevails!
KYOCHON Manhattan on Urbanspoon

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