The House Revisited, North Beach, San Francisco

We had to return to The House Restaurant (BMH’s review of The House, North Beach) for Asian fusion. We absolutely loved the sea bass and curry noodles last time and we were craving House.  We made a reservation and decided to meet up with a small gathering of friends for dinner. The restaurant was packed, there was a line out the door and loved that we found some new favorites.

_MG_4416We love the house punch out on the menu.


As we were deciding over the menu, we were served pickled veg sprinkled with sesame seeds._MG_4418

The first item we tried was the short ribs slathered with Asian bbq sauce. Quite honestly, this was our least favorite dish. The Although the ribs were well marinated and meaty, they just were not special. The sauce was sweet and tangy, but again felt like we have had these elsewhere._MG_4420

The Grilled Sea Bass with Garlic Ginger Soy sauce was just as we remembered, flakey, buttery and melt in your mouth. The blanched green beans and noodles were a nice compliment and the dish went fast. For those who have never been to House, this is a must get._MG_4425

We may have ordered too much for the five of us, but it was completely fine, leftovers were desired._MG_4436

We decided to order the Warm Wasabi House Noodles with Angus Flatiron Steak and although it had nice heat, nice chewy yellow noodles and medium rare steak, again it was not memorable. I was tasty, but not something we would be craving for and be urged to order again._MG_4427

One of the best combinations and cravable new favorites was the curry noodles with fried taro shavings, but paired with Sesame Soy Glazed Salmon. We so surprised that the curry noodles were no longer on the menu and we asked our friendly waitress if the kitchen would make this for us off the menu, special request. They would and we would elated. Adding the soy glazed salmon was the most brilliant add in ever. The super tender salmon, buttery, flakey goodness was the perfect protein to contrast the lightly sweet curry and chewy yellow noodles. The textural contrast from the shavings of fried taro were unbelievable. THANK YOU HOUSE. We hope this dish goes on the menu and we would most definitely return for this dish and combination alone.


The other new favorite and definitely will be returning was for the Miso Cod with Albacore sushi special. The sushi filled with avocado, roe and albacore was delicious, however, what was spectacular and very memorable was the buttery miso cod under it. Lightly sweet, flakey and I found myself wanting to hog this for myself.

_MG_4433We will return to House, with reservation for the salmon curry noodles combo and the miso cod.

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