Quan Bac, Inner Richmond, San Francisco

Chúc mừng năm mới! and Year of the Snake! We have heard consistently that there is fantastic Vietnamese in the Richmond area. Per one of our aunt’s child friends in Saigon, Quan Bac is one of the best for Northern Vietnamese and famous for a clean flavored pho broth, Ga Quay Chao or five spice chicken. We visited Quan Bac along with our aunties and cousins for a fantastic Vietnamese meal and reminded us of our trip Vietnam, viisting  Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An, Hanoi.


The restaurant is very well decorated with Vietnamese lanterns hanging on the ceiling and quite spacious.


We started off with soda chanh, limeade with sparkling soda. Super fresh and the right balance of tang, sweetness and carbonation._MG_4649

The Northern style pho ga, chicken noodle soup, is absolutely delicious here. The broth very fragrant, aromatic and this was was a small size bowl for $6.95. We could not imagine having the large size.

_MG_4652One of our favorite Vietnamese dishes ever tried and at Quan Bac was the Hen Xao Hanh Ram mussels fried with fragrant knotweed for $7.95. The marinated chopped mussels, bites of fried onion, scallions and knotweed were placed on the chips and devoured. Awesome texture and flavor.


Our aunt decided on the Muc Chein Gion fried calamari for $7.25 and the Goi Cuon Thit Nuong b.b.q. pork rolls ($6.50 for 6 rolls). The fried calamari had  a fluffy fried exterior and seemed a bit under seasoned. Of the two dishes, we preferred the Goi Cuon Thit  Nuong.


The Goi Cuon Thit Nuong b.b.q. pork rolls were very tasty, but we still prefer our mom’s  Vietnamese Fresh Vegetarian Spring Rolls (Gỏi Cuốn Chay).


 Another Northern dish is the Bun Cha. We decided on ordering Bun Cha Ha Noi (Hanoi style bbq pork with vermicelli for $8.95. The bbq pork meatballs were delicious nuggets and went well with the mint, cilantro and vermicelli.


The dish we were really looking forward to tryig was the Bun Ga Quay Chao five spice chicken with vermicelli  (we requested garlic noodles) for $7.50. Despite being very tender chicken, nicely five spice flavored skin with nicely flavored garlicky yellow noodles, it was not overly memorable, but glad we tried it._MG_4653We would definitely return to Quan bac for the pho and the bun cha again. Truly a delicious meal and we highly suggest it to those seeking Northern Vietnamese cuisine in SF.