Tal-Y-Tara Tea and Polo Shoppe, Richmond, San Francisco

We have enjoyed countless cups of coffee in Asian tea houses such as Cha-An and Hangawi however, love recounting our favorite childhood tea experiences at the Four Seasons Tea, after a Swan Boat ride in Boston Common and visiting a friend in London in our college days. We can remember our first taste of butter-like clotted cream at Fortnum and Mason and being hustled to the corner because we were not the average customer. We decided to drive over to Richmond and have tea at Tal-Y-Tara Tea and Polo Shoppe.


A British couple founded the tea and polo shop and there were families and girlfiends enjoying tea.


We enjoyed seeing all the saddles, dark wood, tea sets, as well as Hacking jackets, helmets, hats and equestrian boots.



We had a pot of tea for two and enjoyed Lindsay’s Teas in the Black tea passion fruit flavor. We enjoyed the fragrance and aroma of the tea and made sure we asked for a refill on the pot. The tea cozy was adorable and we made sure we strained the loose leaf tea with the tea strainer (well we learned the hard way!)


We were intrigued by the story of motorloaf and have only had tea sandwiches with thin, white bread. The Motorloaf Bread was earthy and had nuts. We enjoyed all the varieties of tea sandwich varieties, including cream cheese and cucumber (BMH’s version of Cucumber Sandwiches), smoked turkey with watercress, black forest ham with a dijom mustard, lox with cream cheese and capers and egg salad with capers. Our favorite was the lox with cream cheese. We also could not help but devour all the fresh slices of juicy oranges, strawberries and blackberries along the sandwiches.


While sipping tea and catching up, we contemplated which scone to try and scones were served with English Devonshire cream and choice of jam. There was black currant with vanilla, chocolate chip or lemon zest. We decided on what was fresh from the oven, and lemon zest was the winner.


Honestly, if you went to Tara y Tal for a cup of tea and something else. The something else is the lemon zest scone fresh from the oven and with the jam and with cream cheeselike devonshire cream.


This flakey and tender scone was one of the best ever eaten, fresh, light and nicey crusted with sugar on the top. Yes, the motorloaf with Devonshire cream and marmalade was lovely, but the flavor of the lemon scone with the jam was the perfect combination and we wanted more.

We have made savory scones, Cheddar Scallion Scones, which turned out a success, but would love to replicate these lemon zest ones. Perhaps we’ll reinterpret this recipe from Bon Appetit or this one from William Sonoma?

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